How Digital Marketing can help your marketing efforts

Digital Marketing
December 7, 2019 admin 0 Comments

Digital Marketing Works!

Digital marketing is a broad term; it includes different channels of marketing that promote the use of media and the internet and other electronic devices that are widely being used by consumers in the modern age. According to experts, digital marketing is an entirely new endeavor; to reach the customers and to understand the market behaviors of the customers, unlike the traditional methods.

5D’s of Digital Marketing

To understand the importance of digital marketing, it is vital having an idea of customer interactions. Digital marketing in recent times is much more than just websites and E-mails, instead, it requires to know about the 5D’s and to be able to utilize them.

1. Digital Devices

Audiences experience a lot of brand diversity in terms of devices wherewith they can interact with businesses and markets, for example, smartphones, laptops, TV, and desktops.

2. Digital Platforms

The interaction through these devices is with the help of different platforms that make markets and businesses accessible for the customers. These include search engines like google and apps like Facebook and Instagram etc.

3. Digital Media

Different paid, earned or owned channels are used to reach out and engage the audience through; messaging, E-mails, advertising, and social networking sites that are available online.

4. Digital Data

Huge businesses are keen on taking the data of the customers and analyzing their interests to establish a stronger link with the customers.

5. Digital Technology

Extensive technology that businesses use for creating interactive websites and running E-mail campaigns comes under digital technology.

How different channels of digital marketing help in the marketing process


The website is one of the most centralized way of digital marketing. A website should be an open book about the brand, presenting the products effectively. Websites provide an easy to use and a fast way of making your business visible to the audiences.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertisement

This channel enables you to reach out to the audience via paid ads on many platforms with a rich amount of consumers surfing online. PPC’s can be set on search engines like; Google, Bing, etc and apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Through this, your ad will be visible to the consumers on every search page related to your business.

E-mail marketing

E-mails are one of the most widely used modes of mass communication they are a gate to a mass audience. Organizations use E-mails to stay in touch with their customers and to keep them updated about the upcoming products.

Digital marketing provides recordable marketing and mass advertisement in a cost-effective manner. Recordable in the sense that the number of clicks on ads or the visits to the website per day can be recorded to keep track of the progress and growth of the brand.

It has changed the way marketing was carried out before it has speeded up the pace and has enlarged the battlefield between the organizations as now in this age of internet and social media, digital marketing is a question of survival rather than a matter of choice.