9 Steps For Generating FREE & Low-cost Traffic – Part: 1

FREE low cost traffic
October 3, 2019 admin 0 Comments

Would you like to generate large volumes of low-cost traffic to your site?

SEO experts use a 9 step process for low-cost traffic off page optimization. Before I go into the 9 step process, I want discuss briefly the formula that online marketers use to measure the progress of a business or site. This a little secret formula that guides everything we do online is simple:

T (Traffic) + C (Conversion) = $ (Cash)

One of the most important Keys to success is therefore traffic and the more traffic you can generate the more profit you will make. Traffic is anybody who lands on your website. They are people with money to spend and are ready to buy. They have their own problems or desires and looking for a solution.

Conversion is what happens when a visitor takes an action that you want them to preform, such as: to call you, fill out an online form, give you their information, or downloading something.     

The 9 step formula which I’ll be discussing over the next 9 posts, you can start implementing and get a huge volume of traffic for your website.

But there’s one more thing!

The keys to success with this formula are the most important. Without this nothing will succeed:

  • Implement quickly: Start right away
  • Implement everything: To get results you want, you need to follow all the steps
  • Implement consistently: To keep growing your business, you need to keep following this system

I hope that these post help you in achieving your business goals.