Google My Business Guide

Google my business
November 18, 2019 admin 0 Comments

How to set it up Google My Business Page:

  1. Create a new Google Account

Or login to your Google My Business (GMB) account, if you have one.

  1. Go to

And click on ‘Manage Now’.

  1. Enter the name of your business

While you are typing, you’ll notice the site’s autocomplete function will suggest the same name; only if a business with your business name already exists. This is to avoid accidental duplication if your business listing already exists and also to suggest to add a new GMB profile to your existing business if you’ve opened a new location.

  1. Enter the address of your business

Enter the address where your business engages with customers face-to-face.

If you are a Service Area Business that operates by delivering goods and services to your customers, tick the ‘I deliver goods and services to my customers’ box.

If you are only a SAB and have no place where you can facilitate customers, leave the address part blank and tick the ‘Hide my address’ box.

  1. Specify service areas (for SAB’s only)

Add areas where your business provides services so that Google can show your business on those areas.

  1. Choose your business category

This part is very important as it will determine how your business will show up on the search results. Some testing and research are recommended to find the most accurate category for your business.

  1. Enter contact information and website URL
  2. Complete verification by either Postcard, phone or email 


Optimizing is necessary if you want your business to be listed at the top every time someone searches for a nearby business that matches your business description. Follow these steps to optimize it.

  • Write and optimize a convincing business description
  • Post deals and promotions through GMB Posts
  • Add photos and videos to your listing to improve the customer experience
  • Understand your audience’s demands through GMB Q&As
  • Encourage customers to ‘Follow’ you on Google Maps
  • Request and manage Google Reviews
  • add a collection of your products and service menus
  • try to fill and update as much information as required by the GMB app such as:
    • business hours
    • contact information
    • statuses and pictures
  • Make use of GMB Insights to better understand how your business should work. Know things like:
    • Number of people that visited your website
    • Number of people that searched for driving directions
    • People that called you
    • People that viewed your photos


Google My Business is an important tool to boost your business ranking and recognition among the local audience. It helps people to locate your business in the easiest way possible. Ranking and comments further help new customers to easily choose the best options available locally. Google has been the most used search engine throughout its time. Numerous searches relating to local restaurants, clothing shops, and other services are done on Google. Adding a listing on Google My Business ensures that your business is recognized.

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