Keyword Research -Identifying The Right Keywords

Keyword research
November 2, 2019 admin 0 Comments

Best Practices in Keyword Research

It is important to note that keyword research aims to connect with the best traffic, not really the most traffic. One million visitors daily aren’t worth the trouble if they don’t result in some kind of profit, however 1000 visitors with a 10 percent conversion rate may provide a suitable living.

For starters in keyword research you need to identify your niche. A niche is the main topic of a website or page, such as martial arts school or a dog trainer. As a standard guideline, it’s always best to keep your website concentrated on an individual niche, however there are a few exceptions. Each page on this site should present a smaller “sub-niche” or topic. Visit each page and write down the essential problem in its content, as well as any products being offered. These are the preliminary keyword phrases to research.

When you’ve got a rough list, you should determine what people are really searching for. The most useful tool for this is Google’s Keyword planner, which is aimed toward marketers but still provides important insights into the number of people are searching for a particular term. The tool itself is simple. Enter in the most essential keywords from each phrase. Search engines then reveals related phrases and an estimate of how many times they are searched per month. The competition ratings, from low to high, refer to the cost per click of advertisements.

The best phrases, especially for young websites, are known as long-tail keywords. Where a general keyword such as “dogs” has many domains competing for rankings, a page with a long-tail phrase like “GTA dog trainers” is much easier to bring to the top. Even better, it brings in people looking for chicken coop plans, making conversions more likely. Find the most successful phrase and its variants for each item on your list.

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