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SEO Keyword Research and Analysis

When it comes to “how to do keyword research and analysis for SEO?”, there is no universally accepted blueprint to be followed. In fact, different people have different perspectives on executing keyword research. The only aim of performing this research and analysis is to find the right keywords and phrases that are most searched for by intended audiences on Google and placing those phrases in the most relevant manner in your web pages to shoot up your incoming traffic to leaps and bounds.

Keyword Research

Why is it important to perform Keyword research?

To win the game, you need to understand your customers’ requirements and mindset. In a sense, keyword research gives you an insight into how your customers are searching for a product or a service that you provide. This process contributes beautifully towards traffic growth of your website.

Strategies for Keyword Research

  • Finding a suitable keyword

Shoot up common questions to yourself like, which words are more appropriate to your product or business? Will my customers search on Google with this word or phrase? Suppose, you select a word and it answers these questions, you have found the valuable keyword. Think of as many similar words as you can in the same way.

  • Coming up with Keyword ideas

Generate a report called “Search Analytics” to show the keyword ranking. This is a good way of knowing if the keywords you use are impactful. Try to brainstorm as many words and perform a ranking test for each keyword or phrase.

  • Analyze competitors website

By absorbing information from your competitors’ website, you can reduce your burden of performing tedious research. Google your keyword and find the website that tops the results. Obviously, they have successfully performed all the research and analysis already, and that’s why they are top ranked in Google. Next, see how and where they have used those keywords. By doing this, you’ll get an idea of how much groundwork is needed at your end to reach there.

  • Analyze your website

Define certain goals for your website. After framing your achievable objectives, list out your SWOT. This will give you an overview of where you stand in the market.

  • Use Keyword Analysis tools to speed up your process

Here are a few keyword research tools to make the whole process less daunting.

There are many more such tools available online. They offer many features for deeper keyword research analysis.

These strategies can be applied to any niche website. The only motivating factor for keyword research and analysis is to study your niche patiently and in-depth. It is a learning process. The more you research your keywords and phrases, the more you will discover new ways to do it!

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