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All you need to know about off-page SEO & Link Building

‘Link Building & Off-page SEO’, is something that you are going to do off your website to improve its ranking and visibility on the internet. While for on-page SEO the components of your web pages to optimize them, for off-page SEO, we put efforts to build your site’s reputation, credibility and authority through link building, promoting, campaigning, guest blogging, influencer marketing etc.

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Benefits of Off-page SEO

One of the major factor for Google to decide which websites will rank higher is the off-page factor. Google lists those websites on top which have stronger off-page factors like incoming traffic through backlinks. The goal of every online business is to find the highest rankings on search engines and reach maximum targeted audiences. It cannot be done in a day, but over time, off-page SEO is sure to pay off very well.

A few ways you can use to get backlinks and attract traffic to your website.

● Blogging

We agree that its an older way to marketing your business online, yet the results of blogging are still standing the test of time. If you are successful in guest posting on an authoritative blog, you are sure to get backlinks to your website. It’s a great way of influencer marketing.

● Social media platforms

A recent study reveals that if a website has a higher social media engagement rate, it has higher organic traffic. Let’s say, you have a great piece of content worth sharing, the best way to expose it is on social media. Eventually, you will win backlinks and higher ranking on Google. The trick is simple: make the piece of content worth sharing by using images, graphics, and other elements so that it gets maximum shares, comments and backlinks.

● Influencer marketing

All time favourite marketing strategy, influencer marketing involves finding businesses and brands with authority on the internet and showing or mentioning your product on their website for promotion. In short, they (influencer or famous brand) promote your business for a small fee.

Off-page SEO is like adding butter to your bread. It takes quite a long time to reap the fruits of hard work you put in trying the off-page factors, but its results are far more than expected. Once you have successfully created many links from and to your website through these methods, you are sure to see your site on top of google search results, tip: create quality content all the time. Content that is long and informative along with some graphical stuff is sure to gain better engagement from readers.

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