Local SEO

Local SEO is More Important Than Ever

Local SEO is very different than a traditional SEO campaign. Whether it’s finding a service provider in your neighbourhood or finding a local gas station while on the road, local SEO refers to geo-targeted web searches with location specific results. There is a unique algorithm that deals with local SEO results, so it’s important to work with an SEO provider that has experience in this increasingly competitive field.

Local SEO

What is Local Search Engine Optimization?    

 Local SEO is optimizing your website to make it discoverable easily locally. Whenever a customer searches for a product that you offer, your website should be among the many other websites on the list that appear first. Any position between first and fifth in the search results is a good one. They are likely to consider the first five search results in the list.

The importance of localized SEO

Improved ranking in SERP:

Five positions in the search engine result page (SERP) are much encouraging for any business or individual. Statistics show that 50% of customers who conduct local searches turn up for transactions hence improve business revenue.

  • Free means of advertisement

On-page optimization is a easy way to advertise locally. The use of mobile phones makes it easier for customers to find businesses easily at no cost. Linking to social media handles further advertises the business to reach potential local customers.  

  • Local SEO saves costs

The cost of incurring advertisement expenses, local SEO inbound marketing strategies provide lead generations at no cost. It provides an edge over competitors in business transactions. It is a proactive way of reaching out to customers.

  • Local SEO provides NAP

Optimization provides name, address and phone number, which are important components for marketing. All this information makes it easy for customers to contact the business. This makes it easy for the business to close the sale. Besides NAP, local SEO attract huge traffic towards the business, which ensures continuity of the business and repeat buyers.

In addition

The difference between local SEO and any other SEO is in the geographical sense. Local SEO limits to a limited geographical location and comes with its benefits, especially of localized businesses. All optimization efforts focus on local intent to reach local customers. It generates repeat buyers and attracts customer loyalty if the quality of products and services meet customer standards.

Getting Started

The first step towards appearing on the top of the map is having a properly filled out Google My Business page. This information sets the record straight on your local, business name, address, contact information, all paramount to local search results. Chances are that if you haven’t yet created a Google My Business (GMB) page for your company, it is waiting to be claimed, and more importantly optimized. The more information you provide to Google, the better chances you have at ranking locally.

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