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SEO Content Mapping – Get your pages talking to your customers!

To improve your relationship with your customers, you need to win their trust through effective communication. Today, where everything happens with the help of a click, customers have become more aware and tech-savvy. You need to have SEO content that speaks volumes about your business and reaches the customer’s mind and heart directly. If you miss a single opportunity, you have missed it all. A strategy to attract intended audiences by increasing more leads to your website through extensive research on consumer data and market is called content mapping.

What, When and Where?

One of the best inbound marketing strategies involve these three questions – What to post? When to post? And Where to post? How to answer them is quite simple. You need information about Who is buying your product or who is your target customer. By having this info, you can understand your buyer’s needs and behavior. If you dig deeper and do some brainstorming about their behavior, you will discover what would be the apt content to offer them. Customers are always looking for helpful content that eases their effort.

How to map your content?

● Categorize your customers and create personas

Perform an analysis on who are your customers and what are they looking for. This is the first step to match your content with their search intent. Divide them into groups based on age gender, preferences etc. Based on this information, create content for this group talking about why they should choose your company.

Choose from different content types and channels

Give your content a different look and flavor by creating blog posts, infographics, visuals, surveys etc. The type of content you post should be based on your target audiences. Make sure what you post is something that they are interested in reading and not irrelevant. Choose social media channels that are frequented by your customers to reap positive results.

Promote and create awareness

Instead of focusing on outcomes and conversions, concentrate on bringing high volume traffic to your site. Post content that answers to all questions your customers are looking for and keep them engaged and interested in your business. Email newsletters, interactive posts on social media, videos etc are some of the techniques to engage audiences to your brand.

Apply optimization techniques

Once you have understood your customers and their journey, you need to work on SEO techniques like keyword research and analysis, on-page and off-page SEO factors etc so that you are all set to give your customers what they actually want and are happy with it.

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