SEO Site Audit

SEO Site Audit Help Determine Any Issues

A glance at a website’s report can only provide a short understanding of which strategies are successful and which are not. When traffic is thriving and conversions are good, most webmasters stick to whatever’s working. When something goes wrong, however, you need a more accurate diagnosis to pinpoint the problem and develop the most effective solution. Whether your business is declining or simply not growing to your expectations, an SEO site audit may be able to turn it around.

What is an SEO Site Audit?

Tools such as Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools work good for day-to-day for websites. This shows traffic numbers, keywords, bounce rates, and viewer activity, along with of other uses. SEO audit probes deeper, evaluating every detail of the site for coding errors and flaws that effect optimization. An analytic service shows issues, but an audit diagnoses them.

Web Crawling Errors

Web crawlers are pretty much advanced programs. When a URL returns a 404 error, it reflects badly on the site, obstruct SEO and could present a poor user experience. Google’s Webmaster Tools provides a specific list of crawling errors, but it does not explain how to solve them. An audit explores every bad link to determine the source of the trouble. As long as a web crawler is met with a performing page, there won’t be an SEO penalty.

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